Pre-birthday cocktail. 🍹💘 (at Chiquito Restaurant Bar)
A week today I’ll be on way to wrecking myself for the weekend. #readingfestival ⛺️
I worked a 12 hour shift last night/this morning instead of a 9 hour shift…

Because work are arseholes…but never mind because I GOT AN INTERNSHIP AT UNIVERSAL!!

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what the fuck mtv………

MTV said that??? Omigawsh, really???

The Rebellion is coming….We are The Rebellion
Because who uses their real name when bowling? 😏
The Used were so on point this evening. #theused  (at Scala)

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This is my ‘OH HAYY I’M BEING PAPPED’ pose. -no I wasn’t drunk, so there was no excuse really. Soz. 😂🙈